Dawn of new Era in Consulting & Interim Management

In the end of 2020, a Co-Innovation Lab (www.co-inno-lab.org) consulting team consisting of three students from Munich University of Applied Sciences advised EIM Group on a project to develop a new marketing approach for Young Executives Management Solutions. Such solution was never seen before. It is an innovative service combined of B2B Interim & Consulting Management. The project goal was to define an effective methodology for promoting Young Executive Solution.

Young Executive Solution

EIM group (https://www.eim.com), one of the leading enterprises offering services of highly qualified and experienced Interim Managers, who are assigned to the companies as an instant and rapid solution for implementing new methodologies / processes or “vacuum” appearing on C-level Management. Following the trend of an increasing number of modernization projects requiring highly skilled but at the same time innovative young middle managers, EIM intended to react strategically and thus will offer an additional solution.  The Young Executive Management Solutions is a new offering to tackle these challenges.

CIL-Team – Hui-Ju Shen, Marvin Kresse, and Nursultan Klychev

Modernization requires “Fresh Blood”

The DACH region is a highly developed industrial area, which is supported by its business with years of experience, business culture, and traditions. As an Interim Management provider, the EIM group relies on highly qualified high-level managers to satisfy the market needs.  However, global economic and technological evolution dictates digitization, transformation, and modernization trends affecting SMEs and big corporations on the market. The EIM group seeks opportunities in the implementation of transformation and modernization projects to the market. Such projects often require agile management and new ways of thinking. Young Executive Management Solutions, a new and innovative service, is the answer for that opportunity. So, how can we promote this novel type of service?  How do we approach the clients? And do we need to approach this market in a different way?

To define that, Co-Innovation team, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel, was assembled with Master students from “Digital Technology Entrepreneurship” and “Applied Business Innovation” programs at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Thereby the team represented by Hui-Ju Shen, Marvin Kresse, and Nursultan Klychev achieved diversity not only in academic but also in professional and even international experience. Through the creation of the marketing approach concept for the Young Executives Solution, the team delivered the new sales funnel that will support EIM Group with the newly defined target personas and recommended marketing content for organic traffic.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome

The collaboration result was a strategic concept with recommendations for actions based on comprehensive branding and market research. The new market approach linked to the transformation of the customer acquisition process into a more explanatory promotion approach and sales funnel focused on creating organic traffic and early-stage customer relations.

The EIM group project side rated the work extremely positively. “It was very pleasant to do the project with the very motivated group. We were lucky to get really very good results. There were areas that were revealed to us for which I am very grateful, we will now work on this and fill these “gaps”.” Julian Merkel (Counsellor EIM).