Entry into artificial intelligence at klarx

As part of the Co-Innovation Lab (CIL) at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, two students have provided an introduction to artificial intelligence for the company klarx. The project team consisted of Tobias Hetfleisch, Marc Gehring as well as Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel from Munich University of Applied Sciences, and Moritz Schmidt and Camille Raiser from the company klarx.

Tobias Hetfleisch and Marc Gehring (both Hochschule München)

A success story for all involved

During the summer semester 2020, the company klarx and students of the Munich University of Applied Sciences worked on the development and implementation of several machine learning models. The two student consultants were able to sustainably optimize the sales process of the construction machinery brokerage klarx within a very short time. Furthermore, a concept was developed by which these algorithms can be implemented in the daily business of the customer.

The consulting team analyzed the business data of the past five years so that a prototype could be developed for the customer in a very short time. This was further adapted to the customer’s individual requirements using several optimization loops. The goal of the consulting team was to differentiate itself from the previous tech giants by setting up and implementing individual solution approaches and not to offer a “one size fits all” solution.

According to Moritz Schmidt (klarx – Financial Management), the project result “represents the first step into the new and important field of artificial intelligence” and could not have been implemented in the foreseeable future without this project.