The CIL Approach

The Co-Innovation Lab (CIL) is designed to support the entire life cycle of innovation projects.

The CIL approach comprises a comprehensive process model, methods & templates as well as tools for the following phases:

  • the acquisition (Acquire) of companies and their problems, from which the student projects are formed
  • the implementation (Deliver) of the projects through a hybrid project management approach
  • the increase of visibility (Promote) by writing press articles about the successful projects
  • the expansion of the network (Grow) of companies and lecturers.
CIL Approach (across all phases)

In the implementation phase (Deliver) of the Co-Innovation Lab, a hybrid project management approach with appropriate methods, templates and tools is used. The (student) team works in iterations and continuously documents the activities, so that the customer and the lecturer can follow the progress.

CIL Project Delivery Approach

The Co-Innovation Lab is an open community. Interested lecturers can use the concept of the Co-Innovation Lab in their courses and make suggestions for improvement and further development as living knowledge management.

Why should you participate in the Co-Innovation Lab?