PROJECT In a PROJECT – or to be more precise: a Co-Innovation Lab (CIL) PROJECT – the student project TEAM provides value to the CLIENT by developing innovative SOLUTIONS to the CLIENT’s NEEDS supported by the LECTURER and following the CIL APPROACH.
CLIENTThe CLIENT is the customer in the CIL PROJECT.
The CLIENT is an external party, mostly a company or a NGO, which wants to profit from the DELIVERABLES of the CIL-PROJECT and the ideas of the student project TEAM. As an input the CLIENTS provide some time of its employees, documents, data, insights, etc. to support the PROJECT. This ensures the customer’s commitment and the development of a customer-specific, innovative SOLUTION.
TEAMThe TEAM consists of students of the participating university (resp. universities). This TEAM analyse the CLIENT’s NEEDS in order to define together with the CLIENT the relevant PROJECT OBJECTIVE(S) and PROJECT SCOPE. The TEAM also defines the project SOLUTION CREATION APPROACH with SOLUTION DELIVERABLES, customize the PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY (if required) and contribute to improve the CIL APPROACH (mainly in the area of GENERAL CIL DELIVERABLES).
SOLUTIONThe SOLUTION are the innovative results developed for the CLIENT by the TEAM as the overall purpose of the CIL PROJECT
CIL APPROACHIn the Co-Innovation Lab (CIL), companies work with students on their future innovations within regular teaching courses.
CIL PROJECTS follow a structured APPROACH (the so-called CIL APPROACH) and consist of the phases (1) ACQUIRE, (2) DELIVER, (3) PROMOTE and (4) GROW (incl. Networking).
The CIL APPROACH provides procedures, methods & templates (= best practices) and tools to support these phases.
DELIVERABLESDELIVERABLES should be as much as possible be based on existing methods & templates and applying the provided TOOLS. There are (1) SOLUTION DELIVERABLES, (2) PROJECT MANAGEMENT DELIVERABLES and (3) GENERAL CIL DELIVERABLES.

1) SOLUTION DELIVERABLES are related to the innovative SOLUTION (e.g. process optimization or business model), which the TEAM is developing for the CLIENT.
2) PROJECT MANAGEMENT DELIVERABLES are required to design, manage and control the PROJECT to be successful.
3) GENERAL CIL DELIVERABLES are enhancing and improving the CIL APPROACH (e.g. with providing KNOWLEDGE ASSETS) and are also required for grading.
TOOLSCIL requires the usage of following TOOLS:
1) Website ( for general information
2) Gitlab (CIL/MAB) for CIL APPROACH documentation and storing most of the GENERAL CIL DELIVERABLES [all documents have to be created in markdown] (plus CIL/BO for lecturers only)
3) Nuclino
for team collaboration, collaborative writing and document sharing (video)
4) Trello (video) or myTaskey for project management
KNOWLEDGE ASSETSKNOWLEDGE ASSETS are DELIVERABLES from former PROJECTS, which are cleaned from CLIENT specific content (= sanatized), and help to speed up and increase quality of following PROJECTS.
PROJECT TOPICArea in which the SOLUTION is located, e.g. like online marketing or business model development