Why participate?

Why should companies participate?

How do companies assess the cooperation in the innovation project?

A few statements from our previous business partners:

“The project team has a very structured and methodical way of applying their specialist knowledge and has thus developed a logistics concept that is very well suited as a basis for actual practical implementation. And it was fun, because the team communicated in a very professional and at the same time friendly and relaxed manner.”
Lutz Wiechert (Managing Director FELD M), July 2019

“The combination of theory and practice, the questioning of facts and the finding of innovative solutions has led to results that have clearly exceeded our expectations”.
Martin Göhler (Ria Goehler E.K.), July 2019

“The Stadtsparkasse München is enthusiastic about the cooperation with the Co-Innovation Lab of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Together, we were able to identify potentials for the further development and improvement of our customer service offering in a networked and digital world and even test first steps live”.
Michael Rahn (Stadtsparkasse Munich), December 2018

“The cooperation with the students of the Munich University of Applied Sciences was very professional and the results are valuable for the further development of our young company”.
Stefan Hartmann (founder of RegioLand), June 2018

“The results of the consulting project provide an optimal basis for the further development of the Human Resources division.”
Matthias Haack (Franziskuswerk Schönbrunn), June 2018

“The collaboration with the Brainnovative team has exceeded our expectations. Using a very structured methodology and approach, they were able to quickly deliver results that helped us to make our internal support processes more efficient.
Dr. Werner Geiger (Agamus Managing Director), December 2017

“Great work results, little consultant bullshit.”
K. Brunnbauer (Workaround GmbH), May 2017

“I was impressed by how motivated and committed the students were in tackling the project and developing concepts.”
Karin McCandlish (Head of Customer Projects at E.ON Metering GmbH), July 2017