UCON simplifies the administration process for the educational event the Digital Impact Day

Get ready for an electrifying experience at The Digital Impact Day (DID) where students from Mid Sweden University, Munich University of Applied Science, and Tampere University of Applied Science work in interdisciplinary teams to develop impactful solutions for the future. With the support of the Co-Innovation Lab, the universities are accelerating their cooperation to new heights through the digital platform UCON. The UCON team, consisting of ten students from Finland and Germany who are experts in computer science and business administration accomplished a great result during the past semester so that the process at the upcoming DID in April becomes simple and seamless for the participating students.

UCON prototype with profile in upper right corner

Innovate, develop concepts, and bring ideas to implementation

With the Digital Impact Day, the three universities want to give students the opportunity to build valuable experience, train their mindset and at the same time create innovative solutions. To further enhance the experience, Sweden, Germany, and Finland partnered up to give students the opportunity to work in international teams. The goal is that the Digital Impact Day becomes a well-recognized and established event at all three institutions and provides students with the opportunity to join multiple times. The UCON team wants to accelerate this goal by developing a central management platform that eases access to the event for students from all three universities.

The team at the final presentation (from left to right and top to bottom): Lea Cowlrick (UCON team), Anna Saam (UCON team), Hans-Jürgen Haak (lecturer), Anne-Mari Sainio (lecturer), Antti Perttula (project leader), Lars Brehm (lecturer), Paula Sutor (UCON team), David Schraudy (UCON team), Alicia Zierahn (UCON team), Karolina Rosdahl (project leader), Sten Wigert (project leader), Holger Günzel (lecturer), Jere Käpyaho (lecturer)

Removing barriers during the customer journey

Currently, students have limited knowledge about the event because the information is difficult to access. Additionally, the process of registering and receiving certificates after the event is completed through individual email correspondence, putting additional strain on the organizers. With the digital platform UCON, students can easily find the necessary information, and the process is streamlined for a better experience.

UCON landing page to access information

UCON leverages the power of automation

The profile is designed as a central point where students can manage all steps before, during, and after the event. The database created in the backend streamlines the work for the organizers so that they can focus on the actual happenings on the day of the event. Through the automatic group assignment, students get to work in an optimal team and enjoy a fun day. After the event they can easily download their UCON certificate and when the next event is just around, simply re-register to be part of the next DID. 

The organizers look forward to the implementation

The project leaders Karolina Rosdahl and Sten Wigert were excited about the solution at the final presentation. “This new system, UCON, will be a great benefit for Digital Impact Days events.”, said Karolina Rosdahl. Her colleague Sten Wigert is excited about trying the prototype at the next DID: “Now all the data is neatly organized turning it into a valuable management tool providing relevant information in a time-critical situation. Facilitating the DID has become considerably easier for management which in turn lifts the experience of participating students.”

About the Digital Innovation Lab and the Co-Innovation Lab

This solution was designed in a joint project between the Digital Transformation Lab and the Co-Innovation Lab of Hochschule München in cooperation with Tampere University of Applied Sciences guided by the lecturers Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel, Prof. Dr. Lars Brehm, Hans-Jürgen Haak, and Anne-Mari Sainio. The Co-Innovation Lab offers students a virtual platform for learning how to work as a consulting team by creating temporary partnerships between companies, students, and lecturers.

For more information about UCON, the Digital Transformation Lab or the Co-Innovation Lab, contact holger.guenzel@hm.edu or lars.brehm@hm.edu.

This Co-Innovation Lab project was carried out in cooperation with the Digital Transformation Lab (DTLab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences:

“The Digital Transformation Lab (DTLab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to the major social challenges of our time. Together with stakeholders in the private sector, students develop future-oriented solutions. They are supported by Amazon Web Services with state-of-the-art cloud technologies and the Working Backwards innovation methodology. We live digital transformation.”

More information about the Co-Innovation Lab and the Digital Transformation Lab (DTLab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences:

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