Conscious canteen food with EatGreener

In cooperation with Green Canteen and the Co-Innovation Lab, a newly conceptualized application EatGreener was launched. The application enables canteen guests to be more aware of the origin of their lunch. At the same time, collecting points with the purchase of Green Canteen products is possible.

EatGreener Prototype

Low willingness to buy regional organic food from canteen guests without further information

Green Canteen’s mission is to provide organic farmers with easier access to canteens and to make it easier for canteens to switch to regional products. Canteen patrons today need to find a balance between prices and regional foods when making a purchasing decision in the canteen. The results of a survey conducted with canteen patrons showed that only 9% of respondents would choose regional organic food. With the help of a simulation in which an organic farmer and his products were presented, 45% of the respondents were already willing to pay more money for a regional organic meal.

Creation of an informative website and incentive system for the purchase of regional organic food.

After these results, the vision was created to develop a website that provides customers with information on the origin of the products, the CO2 consumption made and the added value that these products provide in organic form. This will get the customer excited about regional organic products. The website is easily accessible via cell phone using a QR code displayed in the canteen. A further incentive to buy is created with a points system. With this, canteen guests receive a discounted vegetable or fruit basket from a cooperating organic farmer on site.

Eleven students from the fields of business administration and computer science at Munich University of Applied Sciences have tackled this challenge and developed a prototype for EatGreener.

This Co-Innovation Lab project was carried out in cooperation with the Digital Transformation Lab (DTLab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences:
The Digital Transformation Lab (DTLab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to the major social challenges of our time. Together with stakeholders in the public sector, students develop forward-looking solutions. They are supported by Amazon Web Services with state-of-the-art cloud technologies and the Working Backwards innovation methodology. We live digital transformation.

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