Revolutionizing Solar Maintenance in rural areas with Solar InsightZ

Zimpertec is a german company producing solar systems for people living in rural areas worldwide. The after-sales service and repairment process for solar technicians has been a complicated and time-consuming process until now. Technicians were not able to analyze the system data, repair the system immediately and always had to bring the system back to a central hub.

Prototype SolarInsightZ

Through Solar InsightZ, technicians are now able to connect their smartphone to the solar system and access vital data of the system and receive error notifications. Making solar system data accessible and visible to technicians is boosting the efficiency of the maintenance process and minimizing downtimes.

The development of a prototype by the students from HM and TAMK (Sophie Gliese, Hilla Hotakainen, Minna Nguyen, Adriana Rutzki, Johanna Schlotter, Sebastian Seidel, Oskar Vainio, Tuomas Virtanen, Jana Weinmann)

According to Zimpertecs COO Ulrich Zimmermann:  “Solar InsightZ extends Zimpertec’s product USP (Unique Selling Proposition) with a further core element of better and simpler usability. In addition, it simplifies after sales support through a faster and more efficient error identification “.

In a time when sustainable practices are not only encouraged but expected, the development of energy efficient solutions is of great importance. Zimpertec recognizes the importance of responsible practices in the solar industry. The implementation of Solar InsightZ will help significantly reducing the environmental impact by curbing E-Waste. In the future technicians will also have the possibility of data sharing with Zimpertec. This improved data collection will serve a dual purpose. It not only ensures effective data analytics but also sets the stage for future sustainable product development of solar systems.

A collaborative effort

The development of Solar InsightZ was a collaboration between students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including digital technology management, business administration and computer science. The project was executed in close cooperation with Zimpertec and Mr. Zimmermann. This has been central to adapting the application to the specific needs of the industry. Furthermore, the work was guided by experienced course instructors – Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel, Prof. Dr. Lars Brehm, Prof. Dr. Jessica Slamka, Jere Käpyhao and Anne Mari Stenbacka- and further enhanced by the strategic input of Agile Work Coach Hans-Jürgen Haak. This joint effort was key to the success of the project, as it combined academic knowledge with practical application.

About the Digital Innovation Lab and the Co-Innovation Lab

This solution was designed in a joint project between the Digital Transformation Lab and the Co-Innovation Lab of Hochschule München guided by the lecturers Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel, Prof. Dr. Lars Brehm, Prof. Dr. Jessica Slamka, Hans-Jürgen Haak, Jere Käpyhao and Anne Mari Stenbacka (TAMK). The Co-Innovation Lab offers students a virtual platform for learning how to work as a consulting team by creating temporary partnerships between companies, students, and lecturers.

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This Co-Innovation Lab project was carried out in cooperation with the Digital Transformation Lab (DT.Lab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences:

“The Digital Transformation Lab (DT.Lab) at Munich University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to the major social challenges of our time. Together with stakeholders in the private sector, students develop future-oriented solutions. We live digital transformation.”

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